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Image guidelines

Please follow our 3 golden rules before selecting a photo so that our team can make your portrait picture perfect! We will contact you for an alternative image if your photo is not suitable.

1. Quality & lighting

  • Photos should be high quality and taken in daylight or a brightly lit room, most smartphones are suitable for this.
  • It's important that your photo is an accurate representation of the colours and characteristics that you expect to be produced in the final portrait, our design team cannot make any assumptions beyond what is provided to us

2. Positioning & accessories

  • Please make sure that subjects are pictured as you would expect them to appear in the final portrait, our design team works directly with your source image and we are unable to add any elements that are not pictured (such as facial expressions or items of clothing).
  • Our design team will include all accessories contained in your photo (e.g. hats and sunglasses). If you would prefer these items to be removed you will need to select an alternative photo.

3. Cropping

  • All portraits are half-body shots so it is important that subjects are pictured closely and in frame, we cannot work with long distance shots where the details are unclear or shots where crucial details have been cropped out.
  • It is important that subjects are cropped as you would expect them to appear in the final portrait, we cannot add any body parts that have been cropped out of your source image.


If you're still unsure - send us an email with attachments to info@paintmyfamily.com.au and we will get back to you as soon as possible.